Whitepaper - Cycling the Utrecht Way

Cycling is engrained in the Dutch DNA. The Netherlands has world-leading bike infra­structure and the most bikes per capita in the world. According to latest research from the World Economic Forum, the Dutch city of Utrecht is the world’s most bicycle-friendly city. Healthy Urban Living is the starting point for Utrecht Region. Cycling contributes to the principles of healthy people, minds and environment, and to the goals of reducing noise and air pollution, while improving safety and quality of life.

31 januari 2022 3 minuten

Whitepaper - Cycling the Utrecht Way

This whitepaper outlines how Utrecht Region is investing in bicycle infrastructure, why an integrated cycling policy is key for sustainable urban planning and how the re­gion can support your business to grow. Join us in Utrecht Region whether you are taking your first steps as a business in the cycling world or are already working in cycling infrastructure, strategy, policyma­king, urban design, product campaigns or data collection. Let’s ride together!

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