The ROM Utrecht Region invests in D-Drops

The ROM Utrecht Region is pleased to announce the first investment in an entertainment game proposition called D-Drops. The investment was made from the HUL-PoC fund and underlines the ROM's objective to actively support the entertainment gaming industry in the Utrecht region with financing options.

26 oktober 2023 2 minuten

D-Drops lets players explore their city and discover treasure chests filled with real-world rewards. D-Drops can steer foot traffic to local businesses that subscribe to their service. Future earnings fund more treasures, ensuring continued player engagement. Additionally, they offer multinationals and big brands custom treasure hunts, interactive activations at events, festivals, expos, and token-gated hunts for communities.

The technology of D-Drops is fully developed in-house and links the blockchain (and the Internet) with physical locations, and with their unique validation system it is possible to validate user locations and IRL actions with 100% certainty. This enables D-Drops to create unique value propositions that reach campaign goals like no other.

Shair Amiri (CEO – D-Drops): “We’re very proud to be the first entertainment game investment of the ROM Utrecht Region. With this Investment, we’re solidified as a trustworthy company inside the bleeding edge space which is blockchain and mobile gaming. This puts us in a unique position where we can become one of the front-runners in mass-adaptation of the technology from the consumer side and the business side. We’re confident that having ROM Utrecht Region as our partner will open a lot of doors for us and we’re looking forward on working together.”


D-Drops receives a pre-seed investment put together by the ROM Utrecht Region HUL-PoC fund and the Graduate Entrepreneur fund and they will use the funding to further develop the platform, launch it in selected cities and onboard the first clients.

Edgard Creemers (Head of Investment – ROM Utrecht Region): “As ROM Utrecht we are excited to add D-Drops to our portfolio. The transaction marks our first investment in Blockchain and our first Entertainment Game. We believe the team is ideally positioned to make this investment a success!”

Can’t wait for the game to come out? Sign up here for early access.

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ROM Utrecht Region is a social investor that increases access to capital for innovative companies in the region. The ROM invests in the major transition sectors that are important for tomorrow’s economy: digital, health and sustainability. To realize the financing for these companies, the ROM works together with many partners within and outside the region. The ROM has two funds: the Healthy Urban Living Proof Of Concept (HUL POC) Fund and the Participation Fund. The Participation Fund was made possible in part by co-financing from the Province of Utrecht and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The investment in D-Drops is done out of the HUL POC Fund.

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