Growth capital investment for Prolira for roll-out of brain state monitoring to hospitals

Investors Borski fund, ROM Utrecht Region, Holland Capital, Health Innovations and Oost NL together invest €5 million in Prolira BV, the Dutch scale up that helps hospital departments improve patient care in the field of acute brain failure (acute encephalopathy and delirium).

31 januari 2022 4 minuten

Actively using the patient’s brain state information is essential for making better informed medical decision and realising improved patient care with better outcomes. Prolira provides the world’s first objective brain state monitor (DeltaScan®) to hospitals, as well as data driven support that quantifies the positive impact of DeltaScan implementation in patient care protocols. DeltaScan® is a revolutionary CE marked (and pending FDA clearance) medical device that objectively monitors the brain state of patients, using breakthrough EEG technology and smart AI algorithms.

“Monitoring the brain state of patients is as important as monitoring other vital organs like the heart or the lungs. Every year, as many as 20 million hospital patients are at risk of acute brain failure in Europe and the US. This large group of patients needs the care improvement that Prolira offers”, says Annemarie Willems, Chief Business Development/Founder of Prolira. With DeltaScan® acute encephalopathy and delirium are detected in more patients and earlier, providing healthcare care professionals timely information to improve their care processes. This is good news for all stakeholders in the healthcare system, as reduced length of hospital stay, increased hospital patient capacity and significant cost reduction on hospital department level can be achieved.

Prolira originated as a spin-off from the University Medical Center Utrecht (NL), now an international and privately owned scale up company in the healthcare domain. “In the years to come, routine brain state monitoring will become part of the normal set of vital parameters. Our objective is to further advance our position by supporting hospital departments to realise improved care for their acute brain failure patients. This growth capital investment enables an increased uptake of our offering in key European countries and, after FDA clearance, also a lift off in the USA”, confirms Rutger van Merkerk, CEO/Founder.

“By tapping into the large market of brain state monitoring with a medical device that massively outperforms the current subjective standard in the market, Prolira is poised to further strengthen its position as category leader. We at Borski Fund are committed to supporting Prolira’s growth plans and provide them with capital, network, and expertise in global commercialisation. As lead investor we are thrilled to join the capable team and experienced health investors of Prolira”, says Bertrand van Leersum, Investment Director at Borski Fund.

“We are proud to participate as a new investor in Prolira. The company has developed a very robust and unique product, already used by over 25 hospital departments in 4 countries. We are convinced that DeltaScan will be beneficial for many patients worldwide, who can leave the hospital faster and healthier, after suffering acute brain failure. We look forward to collaborating with the Prolira-team and the investors-consortium and build on their early successes and international expansion”, says Adinda Woelderink, ROM Utrecht Region.

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